Friday, September 30, 2005

Movie “Galaxy Quest”

“Galaxy Quest”: Usually comedy it’s not ‘my genre’ of movie but I’ll make this one of my exceptions. This is the main plot idea of actors mistaken for heroes; of course it’s all true! As a friend of mine says: Who dares to doubt it? Ah… well… don’t miss it, especially if you area Star Treker and/or scientific fiction addicted. Also Sigourney Weaver staring, one of my favorite actresses.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Moving into Blogger community

As my first post on this blog and as a new member in Blogger community, I would like to first of all say Hello!
This will not be a personal blog, that one will remain where it’s always been… after a clarifying conversation with a friend I decided to keep it “really private”.
But, as a new cycle of my life is entering… I decided to maintain this one and express my thoughts here…Hope you enjoy sharing them with me.