Monday, January 15, 2007

Do I look like a Celebrity?

Here you can upload your photo and have it compared to database of celebrities. Do you really look like a movie star? I found out that I'm 80% look like Eva Herzigova! :-D

Supervillain Personality Quiz

Your results:
You are Mystique
Sometimes motherly, sometimes a beautiful companion, but most of the time a deceiving vixen.
Dr. Doom
Poison Ivy
Mr. Freeze
Dark Phoenix
Lex Luthor
The Joker
Green Goblin

Click here to take the Supervillain Personality Quiz

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pandora, not box... Radio!

By not being exactly a teenager anymore, I’m not quite in on the "scene", and typically don’t follow the music trends too well, so I found myself not being introduced to new music. One day I met Pandora Radio. All I can say is that I’m hooked.

Pandora Radio is built on the concept that you enter the name of a song or artist that you like, and it sends that information back to it’s computer brain – which builds a playlist of songs that have similar musical elements to the songs that you indicated that you liked to begin with.

Where it gets interesting and addictive, is that when these new songs play, you are given controls to say whether or not you like a song. If you like it, it gets the thumbs up icon, and keeps playing. If you don’t like it, it gets the thumbs down, and is skipped. So during your listening, the Pandora brain just keeps figuring out the type of music and artists that you like to listen to. After a while, I’m finding that almost every thing that gets played, I like.

I started using this to find new music, but I was pleasantly surprised to start hearing songs and artists that I had forgotten about and others I never heard of. As they came up, I added them to my channel, and every day I’m finding new and interesting music, completely personalized just for me!

The nominees this year... & the winner is...

Darwin Awards are an annual honor given to the person who killed themselves on acts of unbelievable stupidity which end up permanently removing the perpetrators from the gene pool.

Last year's winner was 19-year-old Christopher, who stabbed himself to dead to blame the neighbor, wonderful "i"deer!!! Bad luck his deathbed accusation of his neighbor failed, as a witness confirmed that the neighbor was not in the apartment... Bwahahah!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Worldwide News

For those like me addicted to news here's a site you can't miss, The Museum of News! Alongside other things you can find worldwide Newspaper front pages. There's no excuse anymore not to be up to date! Enjoy!

Friday, January 05, 2007

What is the meaning of life?

Throughout history, people have wondered about life. In Douglas Adams’ book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a race of extremely intelligent beings decided to answer the Ultimate Question:

What is the meaning of life?

They were getting fed up. They were getting so fed up with the constant bickering about the meaning of life, which used to interrupt their favorite pastime of Brockian Ultra Cricket (a curious game which involved suddenly hitting people for no readily apparent reason and then running away), that they decided to sit down and solve their problems once and for all. And to this end they built themselves a stupendous super computer which was so amazingly intelligent that even before its data banks had been connected up it had started from I think therefore I am and got as far as deducing the existence of income tax before anyone managed to turn it off.

On the day of the Great On-Turning two programmers with briefcases arrived and were shown into the office where the computer was located. They were aware that this day they would represent their entire race in its greatest moment, but they conducted themselves calmly. Their names were Lunkwill and Fook. Lunkwill leaned forward and touched a small black panel. The subtlest of hums indicated that the massive computer was now in total active mode. After a pause it spoke to them.

"What is this great task for which I, Deep Thought, the greatest computer in the Universe of Time and Space, have been called into existence?"
"O Deep Thought, the task we have designed you to perform is this. We want you to tell us... the Answer!"
"The Answer? To what?"
"The Universe!"

Deep Thought paused for a moment’s reflection.

"But can you do it?"
"Yes, but I’ll need time to think about it."

Suddenly, the door flew open and two angry men wearing the uniforms of the Cruxwan University burst into the room.

"We demand admission!"
"Come on, you can’t keep us out!"
"Who are you? And what do you want?"
"I am Majikthise!"
"And I demand that I am Vroomfondel!"
"It’s all right, you don’t need to demand that."
"Oh, sorry. I am Vroomfondel, and that is a solid fact. What we demand is solid facts!"
"No, we don’t! That is precisely what we don’t demand!"
"We don’t demand solid facts! We demand a total absence of solid facts! I demand that I may or may not be Vroomfondel!"
"But who the devil are you?"
"We are philosophers."
"Though we may not be."
"We are. We are from the Union of Philosophers, and we want this machine off right now!"
"What’s the problem?"
"Demarcation! Under law the Quest for Ultimate Truth is our job. Any machine that goes and actually finds it and we’re out of a job. I mean, what’s the use of out sitting up half the night arguing that there may or may not be a God if this machine only goes and gives you His phone number the next morning?!"
"That’s right. We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!"
"Might I make an observation at this point! All I wanted to say is that right now, my circuits are committed to calculating the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. But the programs will take me a little while to run."

Fook glanced at his watch.

"How long?"
"Seven and a half million years."
"I said I needed time to think about it. Besides, this is the best thing that could happen to the philosophers. This is bound to create an enormous amount of popular publicity for the whole area of philosophy in general and the philosophers have all that time to develop their own theories on what answer I’m going to come up with. They’ll be getting so much media attention. Just as long as you guys can keep disagreeing with each other, you can keep yourselves on the gravy train for life. How does that sound?"

The two philosophers gaped at him.

"Now that is what I call thinking. Vroomfondel, why do we never think of things like that?"
"Dunno, think out brains must be too highly trained."

So they turned and walked out of the door and into a life-style beyond their wildest dreams.
Seven and a half million years later, two philosophers, Loonquawl and Phouchg, were sitting in that very office, waiting for the answer. They were quite nervous.

"Good morning."
"Er... good morning, O Deep Thought. Do you have... er, that is..."
"The Answer? Yes, I have. Though, I don’t think you’re going to like it."
"Doesn’t matter! We must know."
"All right. You’re really not going like it."
"Tell us!"
"All right. The Answer to the Great Question of Life is..."
"That’s it?!"
"Is that what you have to show for seven and a half million years’ work?!"
"I checked it very thoroughly. But the problem is, we never really knew the question."
"Yes we did. It was the Ultimate Question!"
"But what exactly is it?"
"It’s, you know, everything... everything, you know?"
"Once you know the question the answer will make sense."
"Well, can you find out the question?"
"Hmmm... Tricky."
"Can you?"
"Yes, but it will take time."
The men groaned. "How long?"
"Ten million years."
"No, that will be quite all right."

Then, Phouchg shut off Deep Thought.

"We haven’t got time for this. We’ll just have to think of a question ourselves."
"But what?"
"Hmmm.. How about What’s yellow and dangerous??"
"No. Doesn’t fit the answer. What about What do get when you multiply six by seven??"
"Too factual. Wouldn’t sustain their interest. Here’s a thought. How many roads must a man walk down?"
"Aha. Now that does sound promising. Sounds very significant without actually tying you down to meaning anything at all. How many roads must a man walk down? Forty-two. Excellent. We are made!"

- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Today when I woke up I was feeling really great, so much that I felt like saying it to the ones I love, and that's what I did. But that feeling didn't last long, all of a sudden, just a small sentence was enough to make me come down to earth again.

When at first I started blogging, It was always my intention never to write personal matters here, blogging must not be some teenager "Adrian's Mole Diary", but that doesn't necessarily mean I can't do it, after all, this his my blog, isn't it?!?

I always repressed myself and how I felt because I didn't wanted to hurt "the Others", but did "the other" ever cared about "How I felt"? I suppose mostly not, nobody cares, as far as I'm "perfect" and "look happy", otherwise I'm doing it on purpose to annoy them!

Anyways, then I went to shopping center on lunch time and bought some "Foam Bath" and that will make my day better. That is it.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

So long, and thanks for all the fish
So sad that it should come to this
We tried to warn you all, but, oh, dear
You may not share out intellect
Which might explain your disrespect
For all the natural wonders that grow around you
So long, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

The world's about to be destroyed
There's no point getting all annoyed
Lie back and let the planet dissolve around you
Despite those nets of tuna fleets
We thought that most of you were sweet
Especially tiny tots and your pregnant women
So long, so long, so long, so long, so long!
So long, so long, so long, so long, so long!
So long, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

If I had just one last wish
I would like a tasty fish!

If we could just change one thing
We would all have learn to sing!

Come one and all
Man and mammal
Side by side
In life's great gene pool!

So long, so long, so long, so long, so long
So long, so long, so long, so long
So long, so long and thanks for all the fish!

- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy