Monday, February 27, 2006


I don’t know about the other countries, but in Portugal there is a sentence often used in Carnival that says something like: Since it is Carnival nothing can be taken serious, meaning you can trick the others in any possible manner. This would be armless if it wasn’t for the fact that some abuse on it! Like, can we take non-seriously that someone gives us an electric shock with a “pen” and then starts laughing and says “It is Carnival, ahah, it was funny wasn’t it?”

Monday, February 20, 2006

How little ones change our lives... into better

As a mother of 2 years old amazing little adorable baby boy, is it evident that I’m a proud mama? Ok, so what I was about to say was that I pay special attention to the news that concern babies in any possible manner. Today I read something that I never gave a deep thought about but that already had crossed my mind: “why do we have more and more hyperactive child nowadays?” There’s no correct or unique answer to this fact but sure one of the causes and that makes a lot of sense is that “modern parents” tend to ignore child’s basic needs like sleeping hours, and straight rules, timetables... in regard to their own needs and interests. Like, it gives to much work/concerning to have strict timetables for meals, put the baby into asleep early and so on. Why not just let him see the movie we wanna see, despite being proper or not to his age, or just let him walk around until he goes completely tired and falls asleep in a sofa? Or just scream at him because he doesn’t behave like an adult!

Please, if you wanna “make babies” first “make time” to them and be sure you are ready to change your way of living into some “rule base mode” and to put someone’s interests ahead yours owns. Do not wait for the right moment, there’s no such a thing, I’m sorry...

And no, this doesn’t mean to disregard you, live and hobbies, interests and so on. Sometimes I’m asked if I still have time to myself, the answer is Yes, I do have, I still go to the cinema, have time to be with family and friends, have time to read, sports and everything that makes live worth for me. Life only changes, and to better, responsibility can be a joy. Take it!